We wish to give our fur friends healthy and delicious food.

About Us


Hoarfrost is the ultimate pet food company that provides nutritious and delightful products for your furry little bundles of joy. We grant our pets with premium treat series that ensure all nutrients and freshness are left intact throughout the manufacturing process. Ninety-eight percentage of products are carefully sourced from all over Australia. All treats use 100% human-grade meats, with no preservatives and no fillers. Suitable for all cats and dogs of all life stages.

What is Freeze Dried

Freeze drying is a relatively recent method of preserving food. It involves freezing the food, then removing almost all the moisture in a vacuum chamber, and finally sealing the food in an airtight container. Freezedried foods can be easily transported at normal temperatures, stored for a long period of time, and consumed with a minimum of preparation. Once prepared, freeze-dried foods have much the same look and taste as the original, natural products.

Why Choose Freeze Dried

Freeze-dried pet food provides minimally processed nutrition for pets, which appeals to pet parents seeking an alternative to plain kibble. Excelling on taste, freeze-dried pet food can be used as a complete meal for fussy eaters or a tasty topper for all pet to add an element of variety to their meals.

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